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Enlightened Communication through Luminous Living Coach Certification
Level Two

Level Two continues this in depth training with focus on Central Core Self™ mastery in relation to the integration of all archetypes in 5 specific areas of life: Relationship with Self; Family, Significant Other, Work, The Outside World, culminating in deep self-knowledge and increased ability to eliminate emotional reactivity and live a more joyful, and confident life.

Coach trainees will master all tools, techniques and methods in order to successfully teach the ECLL model.

ECLL Blueprint

Points to remember:
  • The Blueprint is a snapshot of where you are now.
  • The central core self at the center is the QPT point of neutrality and integration
  • There may be 1 or 3 primary archetypes effecting a quadrant in each the champion and saboteur position.
  • When choosing, look carefully at the relationship between the archetypes
  • Begin to notice stepping back from reactivity to allow the CSS to bring mastery/wisdom to the part of your life you are focused on.

Work on the blueprint.

Make additions or changes related to deeper thought weighing the archetypes’ champion and saboteur (positive and negative) qualities in each quadrant. Choosing the primary 1-3 in operation for each section.

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